Snow over Ben Rinnes

That feeling when you visit a location that you were just passing by and the photographic opportunity is to good not to let it pass you by. That is what happened when traveling to ClenCoe.

As we are driving up over the Huntly to Dufftown road, I know a spot that offers a great view of Ben Rinnes, the jewel of Morayshire. The morning light was perfect and with the first signs of snow drifting across just made that more special.

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Woodland Photography

I have always been fascinated with woodland photographers. especially the likes of Simon Baxter. I was down in Loch Garten and wondering the woodland area with Alyce Bend (from the US).

I find woodland photography frustrating but I love the challenge of trying to make a calming scene out of what is often very busy and distracting.

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The gruelling morning alarm clock: Stac Pollaidh Sunrise

02:25 am! That is the time that my alarm clock (phone) started making that horrible racket. I’m wake this early as Steve is coming to my house in 45 minutes and I still need to get the rest of my gear ready.

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