Summery of my Faroe Island Adventures

What a two months it has been!  In September I ran my first photography trip to the Faroe Islands.  I had 6 percipients join me for a full on week of adventure, walking, photography and hotdogs.

Photography trips to the Faroe Islands is something I have dreamt about since I first stepped foot off the plane and on to this magical land.

I did LOADS of research on other workshops available as I wanted to offer something different.  What I could offer like no other workshop was the personal touch.  First of all, I have been so luck to have spent a great deal of time exploring these magical Islands.  This means that I have found many locations that are no on the radar.  But I love knowing that there are so many more.  

One thing that is important to remember about the Faroe Islands is the unpredictable weather!  In Scotland we say that we can get the four seasons in one day.  Well here in the Faroe Islands you can get them in one hour or each fjord/valley will have different weather.  Knowing this helps me plan the workshops down to the hour, making sure the percipients get the best weather available. 

The great qualities fo the Faroe Islands, is the ability to capture photographs in almost the worst weather.  During the second adventure of the year, the weather was not as good as the first trip, in fact, polar opposites.   As much as I tried to measure the percipients that is will be amazing, they had to see it with their own eyes. I meant a good bit of driving around but we always found the best location in worst of the weather.  The images below will give you an idea of what I was able to capture when the weather was not ideal.

So future dates.  After running these trips, it left me feeling so happy that I was able to share this land with people but also offering more than the average workshop (Lets just say, visiting a Faroese house for lunch and the most amazing cakes). I have two dates in 2019 and there is only ONE SPACE available on these and I have now set 2020 dates.

If you book the last remaining 2019 dates before January 2019, you will receive the early bird price .

Book the 2020 dates before August 2019, you will receive the early bird price