Iceland: Vestrahorn


For years I have been wanting to visit Iceland but always held back due to the increasing tourism and horror stories of other photographers but in September I had the opportunity to visit for 3 days . I only wanted to visit 1 location and spend most of the trip there and that was Vestrahorn.

We arrive the evening before and it was early to bed. We woke at 04:30 and I was dropped off at Vestrahorn at 05:00. I walked down the long road that takes you to the beach where often, photographers line the dunes to capture this Iconic location. But I was the only one there! The nautical light had started and the sunrise was 90 minutes away.

It was not until the sun hit the horizon that I turned around and seen a heard of people moving down the road. As they drew closer, I could could 30+ photographers making the way to my spot, the spot where I have been standing for 90 minutes! No way was I going to let anyone get in my composition. I made the effort to get up early and wait for the light.

In total 6 photographers tried to stand in my way, when I mean in my way, I mean 6 meters in front. I was very kind to all but one photographers. I asked them to move and explained I had been here since 05:00. All but one moved. The person who would not move just looked at me and carried on, I asked again, still nothing. I had been previously joined by a gentleman from LA and he could not believe that this person was just ignoring me. That was it, asking twice was enough, the third time I shouted loud and in my thickest Scottish accent, politely told him that he was rude and if he does not move, I will move him. At that point he walked away and annoyed the photographer to my right.

I am a reasonable guy and if he had been apologetic like the others, I would not have shouted.

In the end, I was over the moon with the below shot and was worth the wait. The gentleman from LA had spent 6 days at this location and told me this had been the best day so far. I think I was very lucky.


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