The Monthly Adventure Club:

Adventure Meet up

Earlier this year, I was getting a bit frustrated when my clients would tell me that they have not had the time to get out with their camera.  I heard every excuse under the sun. I felt bad for my clients, I know their passion was there, but the obstacles in life soon became excuses, does this sound familiar?


So over the summer, I cleared my whiteboard and started writing down ideas, then the MAC: Monthly Adventure Club was born. I ran the idea past some clients for their input and this month I ran a free meet up to get a feel of things.

So what is the idea behind the MAC?  It’s a reason to get outside and take photographs in a different location every month, to learn new techniques, meet people who share the same passion and develop your photography.  I will also be on hand at every session to answer questions and help you develop your photography skills.  Think of it as a camera club (but not like a camera club) cross with a photography workshop. 

The locations will cover all over Scotland, it might be half days trip close to home, a couple of hours travel or a night away (extra cost for travel/accommodation may incur but this will be kept at cost price).  It could be the early morning sunrise at a beach, the bright daylight over a glen, the glow from the sunset and a still loch and the sparkly diamond night sky.   I will take care of everything and transport will either be provided or arrange for car share. 

Designed for the beginner to amateur photographer.  Don't let photography be a lonely hobby, come and meet like minded people who all share the same passion.

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But that is not all on offer....

Editing Sessions:

There is more to photography then taking photographs, getting the time to edit your images is often limited. The editing sessions are designed to help give you learn/improve or just have some time to edit. 

There will also be 2 session per month over the internet. A small number of people at a time will join via Skype/google hangouts to be show editing techniques, tutorials but also for me to answer your questions in real time and show you on my own screen. (Please note that if you attend the meet up, you will be able to access one virtual session a month).


Digital Lounge (COMING SOON):

It might not be possible to join us on my monthly adventures but why should that stop you learning photography.  Using the beautiful landscape of Scotland, I have created a series of videos teaching from the basic of photography to move advanced techniques. You will also have access to the following with new content added monthly : 

  • How to video tutorials teaching you the basics to more advanced techniques,

  • Video editing tutorials showing you how to get the most out of your editing in your own time,

  • Access to premium content from my landscape vlogs. Where I will explain in more depth about my final images, show you how I edited them and what I would have done differently,

  • Discount to larger workshops, organised talks with photographers and future projects,

  • Professional advice when choosing new equipment or anything photography related,

  • The opportunity to join me on "Exploration" adventures. These are locations (often abroad) that I have never visited, all you have to pay for if your flight and your share on the accommodation.

  • Image reviews, submit two photographs each month and you will receive a review of that image with constructive recommendations. I will either send this to you by video or we will arrange a group skype/google hangout.




Adventures session: 

Price: £30 per session

There will be a maximum of 8 people per adventure.


Online Editing Sessions

Price £8 per session. Discount on blocks of 5 & 10 available

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