EP 32- The Print Foundry: Start printing & pricing your work with a professional printers with Renato Tavares

EP 32- The Print Foundry: Start printing & pricing your work with a professional printers with Renato Tavares


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Welcome to The Photographers Craic. Episode 32.

We are joined today with Renato Tavares who is the head man at James’ printers: The Print Foundry. We chat about the importance of professional printing, how to markup your prints and make sure you are selling them at a proper price and all the different paper types that we available.

We are also running a very special competition over on our Facebook group. The winning photograph will be printed at 12x18” on the best paper suited for that image. Join and get entering.


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James Kelly


James is a wedding & Landscape photographer based in Scotland and the Faroe Islands. Since an early age, he was interested in photography but it was not until he was 19 that his life path lead him to photography. Now a seasoned wedding photographers with 200+ weddings and countless hours capturing stunning landscape.

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Ross Eaglesham

Ross is the “weekend warrior”. Full time maths teacher by day, wannabe pro golfer by night and wedding photographer by weekend. Also a seasoned sports photographer

Having bought his first DSLR in 2010 after he broke his leg 3 weeks later and spent the next 4 months self-teaching and learning what this magic little box of tricks could create. He shot his first wedding 2yrs later and hasn’t looked back since.

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