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I grew up in a rural community in the north east of Scotland, in fact I grew up on the farm where the famous Mackies ice-cream is made, and I was lucky enough to be a child at a time when I could head out the door and explore the surrounding countryside. 

I enjoyed being in the great outdoors, and experienced first hand Scotland’s variety, colour, beasts and beasties. Weather was no barrier to an eager child if you wore the right clothes and had the right attitude!



2020 A3 Calendar

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My 2020 A3 calendar is a selection of favourites from all the seasons in Scotland and the Faroe Islands. Countless hours have been spent to create these photographs. From -18°C in the dark winters to the long summer nights and every conceivable condition in between.

Workshops & Adventures

My mission is to take you on an adventure! Not only help you improve your photography but for you to leave with memories.

Every workshop with provide you with extensive knowledge of the landscape, the techniques required but also feeling you could return on your own. You simply need to bring your camera, the equipment you have, an open mind and lots of enthusiasm. 

Let me take care of the rest.



Join me as I show you some of the beautiful locations that I photograph and learn how I take these photographs.

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a photograph is not a photograph until it has been printed
— James